Camden and Rockport

Building a Brighter Future for Maine

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Energy. Compassion. Common Sense.

When you elected me to the State House, I promised to take  what I've learned as a small business owner and entrepreneur, community leader and parent, and work hard for you in Augusta. I told you I would fight for our climate, affordable and accessible health care, property tax relief and greater support for our schools. With the first regular session of the 129th Legislature behind us, I am glad to report that we made huge progress for Mainers, so please read on to learn all that we have accomplished thus far.
As I enter my second term in the Maine House, I believe more than ever in the power of connection: clear communication, active listening, and collaborative problem solving. These are the qualities, along with my experience and energy, that I use everyday in my role as your State Representative, as I strive to make Maine the best place for all of us to live, work, and raise our families.
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Vicki on the Issues


Taxes support our public schools, allow for repairs to our roads and bridges, provide emergency response systems that keep us safe and so much more. We need taxes, but we also need to make sure our tax system is fair. 


Mainers are willing to work, and we deserve secure, good-paying jobs that support our families and strengthen our economy. 


Maine kids deserve the best possible start. This session, my colleagues and I passed bills to strengthen our schools and support teachers.


Every Mainer deserves access to affordable health care. Comprehensive care should not be limited by age, gender, pre-existing conditions or income. That's why the Legislature took steps this session to expand insurance options and provide better support for our hospitals and health care workers. 


Maine's environment is one of our greatest assets and a primary driver of our economy, but it's being affected by our changing climate. 


Big money does not belong in our elections. That’s why I am a Clean Elections Candidate, and why I support election reforms that prohibit the undue influence of lobbyists, companies and organizations.