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Investing in our Workforce and Economy

Mainers are willing to work, and we deserve secure, good-paying jobs that support our families and strengthen our economy. 

This year my colleagues and I supported Maine workers by creating a paid time off program at any organization with more than 10 employees, enacting commonsense reforms to the Workers' Compensation program and adding protections to prevent the wage theft that happens when employees are asked to work more hours without pay. I'm also incredibly proud we passed a bill that puts policies in place to help shrink the gender pay gap. 

Beyond supporting our workers, we also invested in our future workforce, taking steps to better train the next generation, helping adults finish their education and easing the licensing measures and other barriers that prevent many from starting and advancing in their careers. It is so important that we support our industries and each other. 

We need continued investment in our workforce if we are to truly support Maine's economy, as well as expanded broadband access, especially in our rural communities. I supported bonds for these issues, as well as the conservation of Maine's land and working waterfront, and will I continue to fight for all measures that build a brighter future for Maine.

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