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Election Reform

Big money does not belong in our elections.

That’s why I am a Clean Elections Candidate, and why I support election reforms that prohibit the undue influence of lobbyists, companies and organizations. I’m happy to say that in 2019 we passed several key bills that help make Maine’s elections more democratic, such as automatic voter registration, ranked choice voting for presidential primaries, and the elimination of party-run presidential caucuses in favor of a state-run primary system. There is still more work to be done to reform our election system, and I have submitted a bill this session that would institute online voter registration. I’m in favor of early voting, as well as ranked choice voting in general elections for governor and state legislature, and I will keep working to have Maine join the National Popular Vote Compact.

I’m proud to have received 100% on the Maine League of Women Voters’ “Making Democracy Work” scorecard.

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