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The GOP and Me

Yesterday I shared a letter from Camden resident Susan Crysler, a former Republican Town Chairman and former Republican State Committee Woman who has given her wholehearted support to me for State Representative.  I’m humbled and honored, although I can’t say I’m completely surprised, as other lifelong Republicans have told me in the past few weeks that they will be casting their votes for me. Some have put me in amazing company by saying that the only other Democrat they’d ever voted for was Jack Kennedy, the man who was President when I was born.

People cross party lines, even in these hyper partisan times, for the same reasons JFK outlined in his Pulitzer-prize winning book, Profiles in Courage.  They do it because of a belief in what is right, over and above any political opinion.  Here in Maine it is especially true that we vote for people over parties – a tradition I am proud to be a part of.

I read Profiles in Courage earlier this year after we visited the Kennedy Library in Boston. The book is slow going in parts, but the stories of brave men who bucked the popular thinking of their day to vote their conscience is eerily applicable today. We need people like those Kennedy described, men and women like Susan Crysler who aren’t afraid to take a stand, even if it means alienating what is familiar.

The election is ten short days away.  I promise to continue doing what I’ve done on the campaign trial: listen carefully to your concerns and take action, no matter what your political persuasion, because all of our opinions matter. Please cast your vote for me on November 6th and let’s build a brighter future for Maine together.

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