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Let the Sun Shine

Sunrise over the Allagash River.

Of all the renewable energy options available to us -- such as solar, wind, and geothermal – solar energy is the most plentiful.

Even though today is on the cloudy side, the National Renewable Energy Lab says that Maine has plenty of available sunshine to offset our energy needs – an amount similar to the solar energy resources available in Texas, a very sunny state, and a 30% greater resource than Germany, a world leader in solar energy.

Solar is a clean-energy industry that can thrive here, create good-paying jobs for skilled laborers, and move us away from our reliance on fossil fuels, yet our current governor has repeatedly vetoed bills to modernize Maine’s solar power regulation and has held up clean-energy development throughout his time in office.

We rank last in New England for solar power development and jobs, largely because our state does not have a comprehensive plan to encourage it.

Energy policy is about more than just the price. It’s also about conserving energy and attracting investment to the state to create an industry that can entice Maine kids to stay and work here, as well as attract young workers to move here with their families.

I’m excited about the possibilities of solar and other types of clean energy, and will support them whenever possible, because the economic and environmental benefits of these industries will build a brighter future for Maine.

Paid for and authorized by Vicki Doudera.


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