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Getting to Know Islesboro

Linda Gillies (far left) and the second/third grade class at Islesboro Central School, along with their teacher, “Miss Jen” McFarland. When Linda and I arrived, the students were sweeping and swiffering the floor following snack – without having been asked to do it!

An incredible benefit of my State Representative campaign has been getting to know the people and places of Islesboro. Although I’ve been out to the island many times before in my 30+ years of living in midcoast Maine, these past few months have been a real study in what makes this vibrant community tick.

My first trip of 2018 was back in March, when I took the ferry out with my friend Ted to attend his church service. Since that first visit, through the spring, summer, and fall, I’ve had the privilege of meeting many island residents, either at their door, on the soccer field, or in one of the island’s markets. I’ve heard at town meetings, and first-hand, the many benefits and challenges that living on Islesboro presents. I’ve toured the key community centers, such as the Island Central School, Alice L. Pendleton Library, Island Community Center, and the health clinic; helped out at the transfer station; and eaten delicious scones at the Bluewater Bakery. I played my ukulele (badly, but I had a very nice audience) at Boardman Cottage and smiled at the toddlers splashing in puddles at the preschool.  My many trips out have been a joy, and a wonderful perk of running for this office.

Tomorrow I will talk about the importance of education on the island, and tell you a bit about what I’ve learned in my visits to the schools. I’ll link to some photos and show you the most adorable little bathroom you can imagine. (Hint: it’s in the preschool!)  For now I will say a hearty THANK YOU to everyone on the island who has made me feel so welcome – especially my incredible team of tour guides:  Nancy Alexander, Linda Gillies, Jennifer West, Lauren Bruce, and a real-life wonder woman, Donna Seymour.

Stay tuned!

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