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Black History Month

Book Discussion Event

Sunday, February 21, 5 pm via Zoom


In recognition of Black History Month, Vicki is organizing an interactive book discussion event for our community.  Please join us in learning more about Black history and heritage, and celebrating and acknowledging important contributions and achievements of Black figures throughout American history.

Read a fiction or non-fiction book that deepens your knowledge of Black history and share it during a Zoom meeting on Sunday, February 21st at 5 pm.  Your sharing will take the form of a short (2 to 3 minutes) oral book report.  That's right, a book report!  Reach back to your middle school days for ideas, or check out this site for a refresher course. 


Or... join us as an audience member to learn about books to read in the future.

SIGN UP HERE to register and be sent the Zoom link for the February 21st meeting and get reading. Search "Black History reading list" if you need ideas or check out this list compiled by Camden Public Library's Circulation Librarian Nora Curry. 


"See" you on Zoom on the 21st. 

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